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Land & Livestock Resources

Land managers need to know about issues that run the gamut from invasive plants, to wildlife biology, to public lands’ policy. Organized by category below.

Cow in a field of sagebrush at sunset


  • Managing for drought – Information on adaptive strategies to drought, making a plan, how plants respond to drought
Gathering data on species composition and production using a quadrat

Monitoring can help inform decisions.

Managing on Public Lands


Invasive Plants

Cheatgrass in the sagebrush steppe

Cheatgrass expansion into sagebrush poses a significant threat to livestock grazing and wildlife habitat.

Stocking Rate and Site Potential

Endangered Species Management | Wildlife Management

A photo of a vesper sparrow next

Vesper Sparrow Nest. Photo by Jennifer Timmer

General Management

  • Good fences make good neighbors. Fence repair with Routt County Agricultural Agent, Todd Hagenbuch
  • Colorado Forage Guide – Includes information on different forage and pasture grasses, seeding suggestions for various sites, and suggested seeding rates for selected plants.