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Surviving Drought: A Workshop

CSU Extension, Colorado Cattleman’s Association, Delta County Livestock Association and Mesa County Cattleman’s will host a workshop, “Surviving Drought.” Join us for a meal in Delta (lunch) or Loma (dinner) on August 21. Meal is free with RSVP by August 16. After the workshop, all resources and handouts will be posted here.

More info and RSVP to the workshop  

Resources from Past Drought Workshops

Did you attend a drought workshop this spring, (or missed it) but want the materials? We've posed all materials from past workshops in Westcliff, La Junta, Montrose, Rifle, Dove Creek, Durango and Farmington, NM here.

Get the presentations, handouts and more. 

Agriculture and Recreation on Public Lands

Public lands in Colorado are multiple use. They provide grazing for livestock and are areas where you can enjoy mountain biking, hiking, and more. Check out our video for tips to keep you safe around livestock.

What to do as a mountain biker if you encounter cows 


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