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Promoting working landscapes and healthy rangelands through outreach and education.

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Intro to Colorado Rangelands and Range ScienceWebinarTuesday, January 18, 2022
Grazing ManagementWebinarWednesday, February 16, 2022
Rangeland Assessment and MonitoringWebinarTuesday, March 29, 2022
Drought, Invasive species, and restorationWebinarTuesday, April 19, 2022
Adaptive management, bringing it all togetherWebinarWednesday, May 11, 2022
Regional workshops + Field daysFace-to-faceTBD- Summer ’22
All webinars 2-3:30pm except for March 29, which is 1-2:30pm

Readings & Resources

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CSU Extension Range Management website

Session 1:

Recording of Session 1 (except breakout sessions)


Glossary of range management terms (including definition of “rangeland”)

Description of types of rangeland, in Colorado and beyond

including: shortgrass prairie, sagebrush steppe, and pinyon-juniper woodland

Website with tons of information about rangeland ecology and more

ESD access website


Fuhlendorf and Engle– 2001- Restoring heterogeneity on rangelands (a classic)

Fuhlendorf et al.– 2017- Heterogeneity as the basis for rangeland management (dense but worth it)

Bestelmeyer and Briske– 2012- Grand challenges for resilience-based management of rangelands

Reid et al – 2014- Dynamics and resilience of rangelands and pastoral peoples around the world (international perspective)

Provenza et al– 2013- Complex Creative Systems

New Tools for Land Management: Putting Ecological Site Descriptions to Use on Your Ranch

Interagency Ecological Site Handbook (sections 2 and 5 have good information on ESDs)

Session 2:

Recording of Session 2


Stocking rate calculator

Rangeland Analysis Platform


Grissom and Steffens– 2013- Case Study: Adaptive Grazing Management at Rancho Largo Cattle Company

Bailey and Provenza– 2008- Mechanisms determining large herbivore distribution

Sanderson et al– 2020- Cattle, conservation, and carbon in the western Great Plains

Milchunas et al– 1988- A generalized model of the effects of grazing by large herbivores

Session 3:

Recording of Session 3


Rangelands Gateway- Rangeland Monitoring


Monitoring Manual for Grassland, Shrubland, and Savanna Ecosystems

Interpreting Indicators of Rangeland Health, v5

Colorado Rangeland Monitoring Guide

Recent special issue of Rangelands on “Adaptive Monitoring to Support Adaptive Management”

Session 4:

(didn’t record- sorry!)


U.S. Drought Monitor (explore the site, more than just the current ratings)

GrassCast– forage production forecasts (only for Eastern CO)

Intermountain West Climate Dashboard (lots of current data)

CSU Extension Drought Resources

Case Study of Drought Planning in SE Colorado

UNL- Managing Drought Risk on the Ranch (Great Plains)

Colorado Natural Heritage Program– Invasive Species Info

Rangelands Gateway- Invasive Plants

Rangelands Gateway- Vegetation Management and Restoration


Vasquez et al– 2010- Invasive Plants on Rangelands: A Global Threat

DiTomaso et al– 2018- Invasive Plant Species and Novel Rangeland Systems

Thurow and Taylor– 1999- Viewpoint: The role of drought in range management

Derner and Augustine– 2016- Adaptive management for drought on rangelands

Howery– 2016- Rangeland management before, during, and after drought

Session 5:

Recording of Session 5


Adaptive Management on Wikipedia (a good summary!)

Adaptive Management: The DOI Guide


Allen et al– 2017- Adaptive Management of Rangeland Systems

Gosnell et al– 2020- A half century of Holistic Management: What does the evidence reveal?

McCord and Pilliod– 2022- Adaptive monitoring in support of adaptive management in rangelands

Wilmer et al– 2018- Collaborative Adaptive Rangeland Management Fosters Management-Science Partnerships