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Promoting working landscapes and healthy rangelands through outreach and education.

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Featured Webinar: Carbon: It’s What’s for Lunch

Join us to learn more about carbon markets, carbon in range soils, and long-term experiments with grazing treatments and how these impact carbon.

Past Webinars

1/18/2024Carbon: It’s What’s for Lunch
3/12/2024On The Fence About Virtual Fence; From the CSSRM Annual Meeting
3/12/2024Balancing Conservation and Vegetation Change: Lessons from the Great Basin; Alexandra Urza, USFS-RMRS | From the CSSRM Annual Meeting
3/12/2024Collaboration for Pinyon-Juniper Treatment in Utah; Daniel Eddington, Utah Watershed Restoration Initiative | From the CSSRM Annual Meeting
3/12/2024Land Management Responses to Pinyon-Juniper Dynamics in Colorado; Ian Barrett, BLM | From the CSSRM Annual Meeting
3/12/2024Overview of Pinyon-Juniper Woodlands on the Colorado Plateau; Miranda Redmond, UC-Berkeley | From the CSSRM Annual Meeting
4/5/2021Rangelands Soil Health Webinar
11/1/2023Soil Moisture in Drylands
11/16/2023The CO Seed Tool: A New App for Developing Seed Mixes from CPW
2/12/2021Grassland Endurance: Management for/with Drought
2/12/2021Long Range Stocking Rate Decision Tool
2/12/2021Living Dry: Lessons Learned Interview with John Welch
3/9/20212021 Livestock and forage grower # 1 | Drought planning from a Rancher’s perspective
3/6/20212021 Livestock and forage grower # 2 | Strategic decision tools and rangeland management in drought
3/23/20212021 Livestock and forage grower #3 | Weed Management in Drought & Nutritional Considerations in Drought
4/6/2021Planning for Drought
7/17/20202020 Colorado Drought and Beef Marketing Discussion

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