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Grazing Management Planning Guide   arrow

Below you’ll find a collection of grazing management guides to help you in your efforts of creating a grazing management plan. CSU Range Science students have scoured the internet and selected these resources as the best available tools for creating a grazing management plan.

* Note: These guides are from several state extension offices and federal agencies and are not necessarily regionally specific to Colorado. The (#’s) after every guide correspond to the references and PDFs provided below.

1. Intro to Grazing Management

2. Developing a Plan

3. Infrastructure Planning and Management

4. Rangeland Ecology and Management

5. Cattle Management

6. Managing for Drought

7. Managing Riparian Areas

8. Managing Risk

9. Resources for Public Lands

10. Human Dimensions of Range Management


  1. Integrating Management Objectives and Grazing Strategies on Semi-arid Rangeland (University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension) [PDF]
  2. Grazing Management (Beef Cattle Research Council)
  3. Grazing Handbook: A Guide for Resource Managers in Costal California (Sotoyome Resource Conservation District) [PDF]
  4. Pasture, Rangeland and Grazing Management (ATTRA) [PDF]
  5. Grazing Planning Manual and Workbook (ATTRA) [PDF]
  6. Grazing Systems Planning Guide (Minnesota Extension) [PDF]
  7. Pasture Planner: A Guide for Developing your Grazing System (West-Central Forage Association) [PDF]
  8. Water Systems for Beef Cattle (Beef Cattle Research Council)
  9. Stored Forages (Beef Cattle Research Council)
  10. Colorado Forage Guide (Colorado State Extension)
  11. Cool-season or Warm-season Grasses (Oregon State University)
  12. Grass Growth and Response to Grazing (Colorado State Extension)
  13. Skillful Grazing Management on Semiarid Rangelands (University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension) [PDF]
  14. Grazing Management and Soil Health (NRCS) [PDF]
  15. Managing Cattle Impacts When Grazing on Wet Soils (Colorado State Extension) [PDF]
  16. Manure and Nutrient Management (Beef Cattle Research Council)
  17. Grazing and Biodiversity (New Mexico State Extension) [PDF]
  18. Cattle Management Manual (Wyoming Extension) [PDF]
  19. Chapter 10: Nutritional Needs of Grazing Animals (Pacific Northwest Extension) [PDF]
  20. Protein and Energy Supplementation for Beef Cattle Grazing New Mexico Rangelands (New Mexico State Extension) [PDF]
  21. Chapter 13: Foraging Behavior and Grazing Management (Pacific Northwest Extension) [PDF]
  22. Rangeland Management Before, During and After Drought (Arizona Cooperative Extension) [PDF]
  23. Drought Management Strategies (Beef Cattle Research Council)
  24. Managing Small Acreage Pastures During and After Drought (Colorado State Extension)
  25. Drought Mitigation for Grazing Operations: Matching the Animal to the Environment (Rangelands) [PDF]
  26. Guide to Co-Developing Drought Preparation Plans for Livestock Grazing on Southwest National Forests (Arizona Cooperative Extension) [PDF]
  27. Grazing Management Process and Strategies for Riparian-Wetlands Areas (BLM) [PDF]
  28. Managed Grazing in Riparian Areas (ATTRA) [PDF]
  29. Grazing Management (EPA) [PDF]
  30. Chapter 17: Economics and Risk Management in Grazing Systems (Pacific Northwest Extension) [PDF]
  31. Strategic and Scenario Planning in Ranching: Managing Risk in Dynamic Times (South Dakota State University Extension) [PDF]
  32. A Rancher’s Guide to NEPA and Permit Renewals (Wyoming Extension) [PDF]
  33. Rangeland Management Strategies (Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education) [PDF]