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Promoting working landscapes and healthy rangelands through outreach and education.

Information for ranchers, land managers, educators, recreationalists, and others on rangelands and rangeland management.

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As spring approaches, check out our webinars to help answer your questions. Topics range from soil moisture monitoring techniques, integrated weed management, pasture stewardship, native plants, livestock nutrition, common forage grasses and more.

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Manage cattle impacts when grazing on wet soils

As spring approaches, do you have a plan for avoiding damaging soils when grazing on wet pastures? This fact sheet has some tips to avoid compaction, monitor soil for readiness, and more.

Managing cattle impacts when grazing on wet soils 

Farm & Ranch Stress

Farm & ranch stressors can come from many directions including the agricultural system, farm and family finances, mental and physical health challenges, and relationship difficulties, and the unprecedented times of COVID-19. A healthy response to these challenges involves paying attention to the stressors within all of these areas and determining coping strategies that are useful in each area.

Learn more from the 2019 Farm & Ranch Stress Summit hosted by SDSU 

COVID-19 Impact

CSU Extension is closely monitoring and following COVID-19 (Coronavirus) guidance as outlined by public health experts. See the Contact Us page to reach out or click the link below for COVID-19 Resources. Thank you.