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Welcome to the Colorado Rangelands Web site! It was developed by an interdisciplinary team at Colorado State University. We are a partner in Rangelands West, which is a collaborative effort among Western Land Grant Universities to create an electronic network that will provide seamless access to distributed sources of rangeland information.

This Web site is maintained by the Colorado Rangelands Team composed of rangeland experts, extension personnel, and librarians. The Colorado Rangelands Web site is a centralized resource with an integrated interface. We are a partner in the AgNIC Alliance, which is a national effort to create an electronic network that will provide seamless access to distributed sources of agricultural information, subject area specialists, and other resources in a manner in which the physical location of these resources is transparent to the user.


Our mission is to provide electronic access to grazing land information and rangeland management resources related to Colorado. Other links from the Colorado Web site provide access to Western United States rangeland information.

Scope of Subject

Rangelands are a type of land, not a use of land. They can include woodlands, but in Colorado, rangelands are primarily grasslands and grasslands with scattered trees and shrubs, becoming more wooded as they get closer to the Rocky Mountains.

Copyright Statement

All of the original material in this Web site is copyrighted either by the individual authors or Colorado State University. Materials from this site may not be published on any Web site or used in any commercial endeavor in any form without written permission from the copyright holder.


The Colorado Rangelands Project Team maintains this Web site to enhance public access to Colorado rangeland management information. This is a service that is continually under development. While we try to keep the information timely and accurate, we make no guarantees of any kind, expressed, implied, or otherwise. Please bring errors to our attention, and we will correct them.

We do not control or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of information created and maintained by other public and private organizations whose work we link to. Further, linking to such items does not endorse any views expressed or products or services offered. Users are responsible for properly evaluating resources according to their own personal, academic, or research needs.

User Responsibilities

Please note that we link to many Web sites not sponsored by Colorado State. We cannot endorse or take any responsibility for the privacy practices or policies of these sites, so please consult their privacy policies. Please be aware that many of the resources you find on the Internet are copyright protected. Although the Internet is a different medium than printed text, ownership and intellectual property rights still exist. Check the documents you are viewing for appropriate statements indicating ownership and what the person holding those rights is asserting. Remember it is your responsibility to respect these rights. The Library’s Web site contains thousands of links to Web pages located around the world. These links are provided in support of the information needs of library users and not intended as official endorsements.


The Colorado Rangelands Project Team would like to thank the University of Arizona Rangelands Project for providing assistance, Web structure, and content for this site.