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The above stocking rate calculators are based on published dry matter forage requirements for domestic animals and wildlife (see below).

Bull, mature1.35108034.8
Cow, 1600, w/calf1.6128041.3
Cow 1400, w/calf1.4112036.1
Cow, 1200, w/calf1.296031.0
Cow, 1000, w/calf180025.8
Cow, 1000, dry0.9273623.7
Cattle, 2 year old0.864020.6
Cattle, yearling0.648015.5
Horse, mature1.25100032.3
Donkey, mature1.25100032.3
Mule, mature1.25100032.3
Sheep, mature0.21605.2
Sheep, yearling0.151203.9
Goat, mature0.151203.9
Goat, yearling0.1802.6
Llama, mature0.32407.7
Alpaca, mature0.21605.2
White-tailed Deer, mature0.151203.9
Mule Deer, mature0.21605.2
Elk, mature0.648015.5
Antelope, mature0.21605.2
Bison, mature180025.8
Bighorn Sheep, mature0.21605.2
Moose, mature0.8568021.9