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Keeping up with relevant research on rangeland health and management can be challenging.  One option is Rangelands.

What is Rangelands?

Rangelands is a peer-reviewed journal published by the Society for Range Management.  It is geared toward a broad audience and presents up-to-date information with color images and easy-to-understand language.

Rangelands contains content on a wide range of subjects related to rangelands, including “rangeland science (quantitative and qualitative),…,management, technology, policy, economics, education (formal and informal), society and culture.”

Issues of Rangelands are sometimes focused around themes, like drought (August 2016), tribal rangelands management, or practical science.

Where can I read Rangelands?

Older issues of the journal (1979 – 2014) are freely available.

Newer issues contain some free content (labeled as Open Access) which can be browsed and viewed.  Alternatively, search or browse all recent content, including paid content.

Public or university libraries may provide access to Rangelands articles that are not free online.  Contact your local library to inquire about journal access and interlibrary loan options.