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Brochure: Surviving Drought




Poisonous Plants | Toxicity Issues

Managing Western Whorled Milkweed – Fact Sheet

By Bob Hammon and C.H. Pearson

Nitrate Poisoning – Fact Sheet 1.610 

by J.C. Whittier

Fog Fever – Acute Bovine Pulmonary Emphysema and Edema – Fact Sheet 

UC Davis Vet Veiws

Nitrates in Livestock Feeding

Cyanobacteria Poisoning (Blue-green Algae)

Why livestock die from eating poisonous plants

Disaster Response

Farmers and Ranchers Get Ready: Protect Your Operation Before, During, and After a Disaster – Fact Sheet

By David Smith

Rangeland Management & Alternative Feeds During Drought

Rangeland Management Before, During, and After Drought 

by Larry Howery

Pasture Weed Management and Drought

by James Locke

Alternative feeds for cattle during drought

Drought Planning

An Easy to Use System for Developing a Drought Management Contingency Plan

By Doug Tolleson

Managing Drought Risk on the Ranch: A Planning Guide for Great Plains Ranchers

University of Nebraska – Lincoln |National Drought Mitigation Center